There are well over 32,000 reasons why House Bill 2183 should be stopped in its tracks.

Executive orders pave way for rescinding the harmful public charge rule

On February 2, 2021, President Biden signed three executive orders addressing immigration, which included a review of the Trump Administration’s public charge rule. The review intends to evaluate the effects of the rule, address concerns about the effects of the rule, clarify current public charge policies, and communicate any proposed changes.

What is public charge?

The Trump Administration’s “public charge” rule–which went into effect on August 14, 2019–was intentionally designed to create significant chilling effects on the use of government benefits nationwide and rig immigration for the wealthy. This administrative rule change made it so a person’s utilization of public…

Black history, culture, creativity, and joy matter. Black voices, leadership, and talent matter.

George Floyd was murdered and deserves justice. Every single person whose life was stolen from us through gratuitous racial violence and white supremacy deserves justice, including the lives taken in our own state. Our hearts, hands, and voices are in solidarity with those protesting in our communities and across our nation.

Kansans: We must not flinch from acknowledging the problematic and deadly historical and present realities of our nation, state, and local communities. …

Actions–including k-12 school closures in Kansas–are being taken at local, state, and federal levels to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. While these actions are necessary to maintain the health and safety of as many of us as possible, their effects on our lives are breaking down our systems in ways that many of us have not seen before

This should serve as a clarifying moment: Too many of our policies and systems have always been broken, and the impacts of this pandemic will have disparate impacts across different racial and socioeconomic groups. Access to food, healthcare, and housing…

by Durell Gilmore, Kansas Appleseed community organizer

Wichita Public Schools knows that a universal meals program, also known as the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP), is the right direction for the district, especially due to the rising number of children who qualify for free or reduced meals. At a Board of Education meeting last fall, Wichita Public Schools committed to piloting universal meals this coming school year.

Summer meals in Oberlin, KS

By Christina Ostmeyer

Just over three years ago, I became the Summer Meals Advocate at Kansas Appleseed. It was a dream job: I got to work with folks across my state–the one I am so proud to call home–as they found ways fight summer hunger.

As a summer meals advocate, I’ve listened to recreation directors tell me their plans for expanding summer meals, even though they didn’t know where they’d find the time, because there were children who hadn’t yet been reached.

I saw schools work with churches and other community volunteers to coordinate transportation so all kids could receive…

Kansas understands when we lock kids up, we lock them out. That’s why, in 2016, Kansas passed sweeping reforms that invest in evidence-based programs to keep kids in their communities and out of detention.

While juvenile justice reforms are resulting in better outcomes for Kansas kids and families, the foster care system remains in crisis. As work to improve the child welfare system continues, we must focus on what’s best for our state’s kids. And that’s not pitting one system against another.

According to a recent KCUR article, foster care contractors and some parents say juvenile justice reforms contributed to…

What to consider when our juvenile justice system works, but our child welfare system does not.

Juvenile justice and foster care are two systems that can significantly impact a child’s life and future. Kansas embraced research and national best practices to change its juvenile justice system and join the leading edge of reform. But the Kansas foster care system continues to struggle, putting children at risk.

The juvenile justice reforms are showing early success and promoting stability for kids and families in their communities. As conversations continue about how we fix foster care in Kansas, it’s important to understand the problems in Kansas foster care existed long before the juvenile justice reforms. …

Meet Kansas Appleseed’s next Executive Director

By Jami Reever
Incoming Kansas Appleseed Executive Director

I am thrilled and honored to join Kansas Appleseed on September 30 as the next Executive Director.

As the Executive Director of the United Way of the Flint Hills, I’ve spent the last ten years working with my local community to build a brighter future through investments in education, health, and financial stability.

Over the years, as I looked at organizations making a difference statewide, I could see the great work being done at Kansas Appleseed. …

Kansas Appleseed

We’re a statewide advocacy organization dedicated to the belief that Kansans, working together, can build thriving, inclusive, and just Kansas communities.

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